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Hanover Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances
Guards, Bite Appliances

Your teeth are protected by enamel, which is the hardest natural material that can be found in the human body. Although it is stronger than bone, enamel cannot heal itself if your teeth are cracked, injured or broken. Therefore, it is important that your teeth are protected in other ways, especially if you are an athlete, or a patient suffering from Bruxism.

We offer custom-made sports guards and bite appliances that can preserve your tooth enamel and lower the risk of your teeth becoming injured.

Sports Guards

We offer sports-guards for people that regularly engage in highly physical sports and activities. Sports guards are effective shock absorbers that lower the risk of dental injury from blunt or extreme forces.

Unlike standard sports guards that are sold in stores, each sports guard is custom-made to comfortably fit a patient’s jaw. A comfortable fit ensures that the guard will remain in-place during physical activity.

Bite Appliances

Over time, enamel will eventually wear down due to bruxism, which is a condition that describes persistent involuntary teeth grinding or clenching. Apart from the degradation of enamel, bruxism can result in other long-term problems such as malocclusions, headaches, tender jaw muscles, and tooth hypersensitivity. Bite appliances (also known as occlusal splints) worn over the teeth during nighttime effectively absorbs the constant pressure and force that comes from excessive grinding. Like sports guards, they are made of soft, clear plastic and are custom-made in order to ensure the best protection possible for each patient.

We take pride in helping our patients to better preserve their teeth by providing them custom-made guards and bite appliances. Regular plastic mouth guards that you can’t find in stores just won’t do. To see how our guards and bite appliances provide superior protection against dental trauma and injury, contact us today.

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