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Dental Restorations
Dental Restorations

Cavities are formed when unhealthy amounts of plaque and bacteria accumulate in your teeth and destroy the enamel and other vital structures of your teeth. Advanced forms of tooth decay can lead to persistent toothache, pain, bad breath, and tooth loss.

While tooth decay is a common condition that affects many Canadians today, it is also preventable and treatable. Depending on the severity of the condition, tooth decay can be treated by different methods of dental restoration.


Your dentist can carefully remove decay from affected parts of your teeth. Once the cavity is hollowed out, it will then be filled with restorative materials such as dental composites, porcelain and amalgam to prevent tooth decay from reoccurring.


Dental crowns made of gold or porcelain are used to cover larger cavities in order to restore and revitalize a weakened tooth. Before the crown is applied, your dentist will clean away the decay and either build the tooth up with smaller fillings, or file it down to a size that can easily accommodate the crown.

Dental Bridges

When a patient has lost an entire tooth, or a set of teeth, to tooth decay or injury, dental bridges made up of connected artificial teeth attached to a pair of adjacent crowns are used as replacements. The dental crowns are placed over the healthy teeth that sit adjacent to a gap, while the bridge of artificial teeth sit comfortably in the gap itself.

Fillings, crowns and dental bridges are common forms of dental restoration that effectively treat and prevent tooth decay. They require the same care and attention that you would usually give to your healthy teeth. Regular maintenance ensures that your fillings, crowns and dental bridges will last for months and years.

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