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Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Are you missing one or many teeth?

If so, would you be interested in a replacement for missing teeth that lasts a lifetime?

Dental implants provide an artificial tooth root that integrates with the natural bone of your jaws to provide a foundation for tooth replacements that is as strong and healthy as your natural root. Saugeen Dental provides in-office implant placement, creation of replacement teeth and ongoing implant care to ensure that your replacement teeth remain healthy your whole life.

What is an implant?

A normal dental implant is a dental appliance that looks a lot like a regular wood screw. Most implants are made of titanium because titanium bonds easily with natural bone tissue. The implant is surgically placed in your jawbone and a dental restoration such as a crown (for a single missing tooth) or a bridge or denture (for multiple missing teeth) is affixed to it.

How are implants placed?

The implant procedure begins when we take X-rays of your jaw to determine the optimal place to insert the implant. Once a suitable location is found, we drill a hole in your jawbone, and place the implant in the hole. We close over the incision, and leave the implant to heal for a few weeks or months. During this time, your bone tissue integrates with the implant, forming a strong bond. After this period, we attach a device known as an abutment to the implant, and attach your replacement tooth or denture to the abutment.

Implant care

With proper care, a dental implant can last a very long time. You need to brush and floss your implant just like a natural tooth. Regular professional cleaning and examinations will ensure that any problems with the implant can be treated before they become more serious.

If you’ve lost a tooth and would like to know more about how a dental implant can provide a long term replacement, contact our office today.

Watch videos about Dental Implants:

Implant (Screw-Fixed Crown) Missing Tooth Implant (Screw-Fixed Crown) Implant (Bar-Supported Denture) Missing Teeth Implant (Bar-Supported Denture) Implant (Cemented Crown) Missing Tooth Implant (Cemented Crown) Implant (Supported Denture) Missing Teeth Implant (Supported Denture)